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Annual May Show 2018





The annual open “May Show” debuted at the Hillcrest Center for the Arts, Galleria, this May.

The show was embraced by a crush of enthusiastic artists who were very impressed with the new  venue.  We had first timers, old timers and everyone in between and the work was spectacular. We had 49 artists and 95 pieces of art which were expertly hung by the CRPD staff.


The judges were Pam Fong, Cathy Coleman, Greg Cooper, and Kristi Colell, and were very impressed with the show.  They had a difficult job of choosing the awards but chose these:

Awards for May Show 2018


Best in Show: Roland Roy – Fishy Dish


1st Jacqueline Daugherty-St. Jean

2nd Ron Souza – Way Out Back

3rd Luisa Wallace Jacobs-Loquat, HMCarol Ratafia-Sentenal, HMAllen Lieberman-Nevermore

Mixed / Misc.

1st Joan Sharron-Woodland Sanctuary

2nd Joyce Rumack- 3 Young Musicians

3rd Annee Hahn-Matchboxes on M.Boxes-, HM   Mimi Lieberman-Little Blue Truck, HMSharna Lubin-Untitled


1st Carmen Lamp-Church..Bled Island

2nd Beverly Viola-Dyptic: Gardens…

3rd Virginia Kamhi-Caribbean Glow, HMKaren Entous-Untitled, HMCathy Nestroyl-Lion Head, HM Patricia Kessler-Summerland Rocks


1st Linda Shaner-Renewal

2nd Sheri Jones-F’Onions

3rd Sandra Sue Ford-One of a Kind, HMMakarand Desai-Red Barn


1st Alan Siflinger-Great Egret-Sunse

2nd Dennis Griffin-Carnival Couple

3rd Pete Scrifries-Mysteries, HMHoward Erlich-Torres Del Parne, HMDoug Rucker_Shadows, HM Stephen C. Lee-Quail

The awards reception was a BLAST!  They came early, stayed late and enjoyed the famous feast of the Arts Council’s “Table of Treats”.  John Johnson & Juliette Chayet-Cole did the honors, decorating the room and the winners were enthusiastically applauded by all present.  Board members, artists and friends all contributed to a memorable time.



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