Support AB 700 – The Creative Industries and Community Revitalization Act

Register Your Support Today  for AB 700 Now is the time to declare support for AB 700: The Creative Industries and Community Revitalization Act, the California Arts Advocates sponsored bill is designed to provide millions of dollars in funding to the California Arts Council. This bill will direct an estimated $25 million dollars annually in current sales tax revenue on art, art materials, and art products to non-profit arts organizations to strengthen their local economic impact and aid in California’s economic recovery. The bill must advance out of the Appropriations Committee in January when the legislature reconvenes. We need to flood the bill’s author, Assembly Assistant Majority Leader Paul Krekorian with hundreds of letters of support over the next month to build momentum for the vote in January. Simply download this sample support letter here in the MS Word format, fill in your personal details, print on your letterhead, and fax it. With over 4500 non-profit arts organizations in the state, we can overwhelm Sacramento with an immense wave of letters. If you wait until January to communicate your support, it will be too late. TAKE ACTION NOW! Fax Assembly Member Paul Krekorian at (916) 319-2143 and fax copies to CAA at (415) 430-1145 and CAA lobbyist Kathy Lynch at (916) 443-7353. Click herefor the sample support letter and fax it to be counted amongst those already supporting AB 700!