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Updated: Apr 20

While recently traveling through the New England area where I was born and grew up, I was overwhelmed with memories of family and past experiences. Most of my images in this exhibition are from that area. They are part of a series I have titled “Edges of Memory.”

“Edges of Memory” is a collection of work that concerns itself not with things as they are but with how we remember them—memory as an altered reality, surreal and dreamlike. Many of the images are symbolic of the journeys and passages we undertake in our lifetimes, and of the passage of time and the deterioration of both memory and matter.

The photographic works in the “Edges of Memory” portfolio are composites created through the digital layering and piecing together of multiple images and altering color, contrast, exposure and other elements in order to give added depth and meaning to the final image.

Evening Shades, Archival Pigment Print on Fine Art Paper

Evening Shades

“Evening Shades” is to me a sweet reminder of warm summer nights when people sat on their porches, had conversations, and watched shadows fill their gardens and streets as the daylight slipped away.

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