Conejo Cottontails is an outdoor, family-oriented public art project with 5'6" fiberglass cottontail rabbits, painted by local artists and purchased by local businesses, organizations and individuals.   

It is a joint venture of Art Trek, Inc. and the Arts Council of the Conejo Valley, both 501c3 nonprofit organizations that are at the forefront of bringing these whimsical sculptures thru our extended Community. Funds from this project provides art experiences for Senior Concerns, Pathpoint, Cancer Kids Circle and Center for Special Needs (Creative Expressions).

How about a little good news? "14 Carrot" is finally finished! Jessica Fowler ended up doing the last bit that needed to be done. It looks amazing. Janice Wise, Direct of Community Service announced that Art Trek has launched a fundraising effort to give this Conejo Cottontail as a gift of gratitude to the essential workers at Los Robles Hospital. You can read the details in the images below. We are looking for 50- $100 gifts from our community members to make this a lasting "Thank you" gift to the hospital. The Los Robles staff are thrilled about the campaign and feel  honored. If you would like to contribute, please follow this LINK  to make a donation. 

Have you spotted our 6’ fiberglass, professionally painted Conejo Cottontails (rabbits) across the Conejo Valley? You could have fun with your friends and family by tracking them down, taking selfies and sending them to With your permission we’ll be using some of them for promotion, encouraging others to do the same. Public Art is free! Enjoy! Here are their locations: