The Arts Council of the Conejo Valley is planning to have their annual program for students, grades 6th thru 12th, called “Hang with the Best".

  • Artwork can be submitted from January 18th to February 19th, 2021.

  • All work must be submitted online via the ACCV Google Drive.

  • (See instructions Submission form and Upload instructions below).

  • All types of artwork media will be accepted this year including sculpture.

  • Art work must have been created within the last two years by the student.

  • Winners will be judged by local art professionals in the various media forms.

  • Cash prizes will be awarded in each category.

  • Due to Covid-19, viewings of the winner’s artwork will be limited and viewing times at the Hillcrest Center will be updated according to the CDC rules in force at that time. The winner’s artwork will also be exhibited on the website at https://conejoarts.org and ACCV Presents YouTube Channel for viewing between March 1st through April 26th, 2021 on our YouTube Channel.

  • For more information contact the ACCV at: accvvota@gmail.com

Upload instructions:

Please complete the Hang with the Best Submission Form and use the Google Drive shared folder provided below and make sure to provide a JPEG image file (.jpg) of your artwork and then upload the image to the medium defined for your artwork (digital photography, painting, sculpture, other).

Click on the link below and open your Google Chrome or Safari Browser to complete the submission form. Once submitted, click on the ACCV Hang with the Best Folder/Class Grade upload link and you will be presented with a folder called Hang with the Best 2021 and presented with folders for each Grade 6th thru 12th. By selecting your class grade fodler, you will see additional folders for Drawing, Photography, Painting and Sculpture. Select the

Hang with the Best Submission Form

This form will be sent to us at accvvota@gmail.com. Then make sure to upload a JPEG image of your submission by clicking on the link below to access the appropriate grade and art medium.

ACCV Hang with the Best Folder/Class Grade

Select the folder for the appropriate grade and then push enter and open the “ACCV_Hang with the Best_2021” folder. Click on the folder that best represents the medium of your image file of your artwork and click to the colorful Plus sign (+) on the left in the browser and select your file to upload it and then select enter.

NOTE: Please make sure to rename your image file with the following naming convention:

FullName_NameofSchool_GradeLevel. Example: BrianGaffney_MoorparkCollege_Sophmore.

Contact the ACCV at accvvota@gmail.com if any technical issues or questions.

If interested in making a Donation to the "Hang with the Best" Scholarship Program please click here.