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Hosted by Sidra Fullerton

Featuring Multi-Cultural Artists of the Conejo Valley

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Pamela Fong_Gold Leaf

Pamela Fong_Many-Moons-Ago-III

Pamela Fong_Diptych right side

Episode 4  - In honor of Black History Month, the ACCV is proud to present the latest in its ArtCast series, an interview with painter and visual arts educator Kevin McCants.

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Artworks by: Kevin McCants

Episode 3  - In honor of Native American Heritage Month, the ACCV is proud to release our latest ArtCast interview with Alan Salazar, Chumash and Tataviam storyteller, writer, and cultural educator.

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Episode 2 with Violinist, Arranger, Songwriter and Educator  -  Rocio Marron


Stay tuned for a new episode
scheduled each month until the end of 2022

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